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A Vintage Valentine

I just recognized, that I totally forgot to show you my newest release "A Vintage Valentine". This kit is full of soft pink and has a touch of vintage to it, perfect for all those Valentine Layouts but for girlie layouts as well.

The kit is available at Dreamyscraps and at Digitals

I know, a preview can't really show the beauty of a kit, so I'd like to share some layouts with you, that I and my CT did with this kit:

This is the daughter of a good friend, she is just too cute when she poses for the camera and shows one of her rare smiles

Credits: A Vintage Valentine by Selana
Fonts: Fortunaschwein, Fabianestem

The next one is made by Dumpty:
Journaling :
"You were a little cold, so you took this blanket and wraped it over the chair ! How we laughed when we saw you like this ..."

Credits: A Vintage Valentine by Selana
1.2.07 19:43

I'm not only designing...

... from time to time I'm even scrapping lol.

But I have to admit, that I really forget about scrapping sometimes because I'm too concentrated on my new designs. And when they are finished, I don't want to work with them. Sounds weird, but perhaps it is because I already spend so much time with this kit, that it doesn't have anything left to inspire me... It's getting better when some weeks have gone by and I gained a little distance to a kit.

And of course there are so many designers out there that I don't have to limitate myself to my own designs... I'm just curious if other designers feel the same or if I am the only one

Enough rambling about me, I feel like I don't even know what I'm talking about, but that's perhaps the cold and all those medications. So I'd like to show you a few a layouts instead:

My son and my friend were building a shelf for the room of my son, and my little 2 year old man helped a lot with putting nearly all the screws into it. I love the concentrated look he has while doing this.

"Men at work" by Bannerwoman at Digitals
Font: Augie

Those are some older photos of Philipp, the first time he has been exploring snow. He has been really curious about it and wanted to touch everything and see everything.

On a Cold Winter's Day by Selana at Dreamyscraps and Digitals
Fonts: Page, Hotel Coral Essex, Arial

And last but not least, my layout for the sketch challenge at Digitals this month with a photo from my parents wedding

"A Vintage Valentine" by Selana at Dreamyscraps and Digitals
Sketch by Jen Maceyunas
Font: Fortunaschwein
5.2.07 22:58


Today, when I picked Philipp up from Daycare, I decided not to go home by subway but to have a walk, the weather had been too good this afternoon to stay inside. We walked around more than one hour, climbed "hills", played on the playground and he still didn't want to go home...

And as always, I have forgotten my camera at home, I could have taken so many good shots in the park!!! Now I can just hope that tomorrow the sun is shining again and that we can repeat our little trip to the park.

I looks like I finally found some inspiration to scrap more, here are a few more layouts I did recently.

First something girlie, the daughter of a good friend got a pair of pink Barbie high heels and was posing for the camera with them. I couldn't resist to take a shot of her feet lol

Think Pink by Lise-Lotte Sunesen at Digitals
Fonts: Baveuse, Fortunaschwein

And this is my son, he has to inhale when he has a cough in order to prevent it from being a bronchitis. I'm so glad that he does it by himself now and even asks me about the inhalation, it seems like he recognized that it helps him to breathe more freely.

Cool Denim by Monica Larsen at Digitals
Template by Robin Cabana (Sketch Challenge at RAKScraps
Fonts: Artistamp Medium, Page, Augie
7.2.07 18:22

Newly released

I have just released a new kit, it is the first kit of my "Spice up your Scraps"-Series, where the colors are based on herbs and spices. This time I chose saffron as an inspiration for colors, I just love those warm oranges and yellows, they let me think of summer.

The kit is now available in my stores at Dreamyscraps and at Digitals, of course it is on sale for 20% off like the rest of my designs
9.2.07 12:38

Big Sale throughout February

All my designs are available throughout february for 20% off both at Dreamyscraps and at Digitals
9.2.07 12:42

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