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New Kits and Element Paks

Spring has now officially entered my store with a spring kit, an easter kit and 2 bright and joyful element paks...

Do you love the look of egg dyes? Then you should have a look this kit with it's bright colors inspired by the egg dyes I just used a few days ago. It is full of little details and perfect to scrap your easter pictures, especially if you have children.

You can find it at Dreamyscraps or at Digitals

With this kit you invite spring to your layouts, it is full of soft lavendar and green with flowers and butterflies, perfect for outdoor photos in spring. The flowers come as separate blooms, stems and leaves, that makes it possible to build lots of individual flowers.

You can find it at Dreamyscraps or at Digitals

Some bright and fun felt flowers, perfect for spring and easter layouts and more. With this purchase you get a total of 14 flowers in 4 different colors.

You can find them at Dreamyscraps or at Digitals

And last but not least, here comes a rainbow of 12 satin ribbons, the perfect addition to most layouts. All ribbons are 17 inch wide and created in 300 dpi.

You can find them at Dreamyscraps or at Digitals
6.4.07 13:45

Monthly roundup

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
This month I did not read anything special, just had a look at a few older Creating Keepsakes Magazines

What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
Dr. House and NavyCIS as always and "Arthur and the Minimoys" (I hope it is called like that in english)

What special days did I celebrate and how?
We celebrated the birthday of a good friend, Maria and the birthday of my stepfather this month

What gifts did I give and/or receive?
I had to buy a new computer because the old one didn't work any more and my mom gave me half of the prize as a gift

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
Nothing serious this month, just my allergy that starts to annoy me again like every year in spring

What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
I was visiting my parents with Philipp to celebrate the birthday of his grandpa and we spent some more days there. They live near a forest where we were watching wild boars and deers.

And I was at "Creativa" a trade fair for crafts like knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking and more.

What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
I can't remember anything unusual this month

What special or unusual purchases did I make?
I had to buy a new computer because the old one died

What were this month's disappointments?
The brother of my partner died at the beginning of march, it has been a hard time for us. He has been sick since his childhood, but that did not make it better to let him go at age 24...
6.4.07 14:15

Easter Quickpage

I hope you will all have a Happy Easter, here is a little Easteregg from me, I hope you like the Quickpage made with my new kit Easter Blessings.

Download here

If you download the QP, please be so kind as to leave me a comment.

The kit can be found at Dreamyscraps or at Digitals
7.4.07 11:16

life happens

Life just seems to happen at the moment, I don't find nearly as much time for scrapping and designing as I want to. But I have finished a few pages during the last week or so that I'd like to share.

For the scraplift challenge at Digitals I did this layout. Journaling: "At the moment, you want to learn about everything and I have to explain it to you. Especially the awakening nature and the newly grown leaves of the trees fascinate you. You are showing me small leaves all the time and ask me if they will grow bigger."

March Challenge Prize Kit "Ladybug Parade" by Digitals Designers
Fonts: Stamp Act Jumbled, Augie

This one is for the current sketch challenge at Digitals, I just mirrored the sketch. Journaling: "Philipp found this hairband when we were visiting friends that have a daughter... he liked it so much, he wanted to wear it for some time"

Think Pink by Lise-Lotte Sunesen at Digitals
Fonts: Stamp Act Jumbled, Times New Romen, Augie

This was from last month for the me,my, mine challenge at Digitals, I just can't believe that I did not post it yet... We are potty training at the moment, Philipp is 2 1/2 years and it works pretty good... He only forgets about going to his potty when he is playing, so I have to remind him frequently

Itaci - Blue and red sampler (blue paper, belt)
Jen Maceyunas - Just The Way You Are Sampler (journal space with tag)
Monica Larsen - Tribute Sampler (grey paper, stickpin)
Selana - On a cold Winters Day (round element)
Selana - Grunge Chic (black flower)
Angel Zimmer - Free Alpha
Claudia Campbell - Boys will be Boys (blue ricrac)
Burlapp & Button Alpha by ???
Fonts: Vademecum, Augie, Gregs other Hand, Courier new, Foo, Prime minister of canada, Times new roman

And another challenge at Digitals, the current Ad inspiration challenge. Journaling: "You really liked to dye easter eggs, you couldn't get enough of it and you've been sad when we were finished. And your hands were almost as colorful as the eggs in the end."

Easter Blessings by Selana at Digitals and at Dreamyscraps
Font: augie

Another Challenge, there should be some stitching somewhere on the page... Journaling: "At the moment, your imagination would be enough for ten children, you are always playing with things that aren't there. Starting with invisible cars, going to candy that nobody else can see and you even wear an invisible skirt. Aditionally, you are playing with people that aren't there. I love that you have so much imagination, but sometimes it is difficult for me to know what you are doing or talking about."

Worn out Beauty by Monica Larsen at Digitals
Fonts: Augie, Adobe Casion Pro, Impact

This one is for no challenge, but one of my CT duties for Elaine Bittencourt... okay, not just duty, I really like to work with her designs. It shows my son racing with his bobby-car in grandma's garden and hitting every stone in his way

Sound of Spring by Elaine Bittencourt at Digiscrapdesigner
Template Sewing Time 4 by Dea Spina at Digitals
Fonts: Augie, Stamp Act, Courier New

And last but not least, my layout for the first Hodge Podge Challenge. It shows my son, painting with watercolors for the first time

Future Rock Star by Chris Ford
Buttons by Atomic Cupcake
Fonts: Dirty Finger, Vademecum

That's all for now, I really should find the time to post more regularly here... But as I said in the beginning, sometimes life just happens and gets in the way
17.4.07 20:48

For Charity

Visit the store at Digitals to purchase this great recipe book and help Christine Schultz
17.4.07 20:51

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