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I hate it when he doesn't feel well

My son has a cold again and my nerves are bare... He is just clinging to me all day long or doing things he isn't supposed to do when he is sick. Today I had to put him to bed to take a nap without lunch, I just couldn't stand his behavior any more... And then I feel like a bad mommy because he didn't eat anything and I was angry at him...

I hope it will be better this afternoon, I want to go outside with him, finally the wheather is fine her, we really had too much rain during the last week or two.

And of course I got some more layouts done and I still have to show some older ones... so here are my favorites I didn't show yet:

This one has been for an older Team GMD blog challenge, all colors of the rainbow should be used:

Title: you bring color to my life

grey paper - All about the papers - solids by Gina Miller
frames - blogfreebie by Gina Miller
star - Lil Boy Felties by Gina Miller
curled paper - QOTC goodie bag, paper curl by Jen Caputo
rainbow papers - bright cardstock by Selana
Mini Alpha by Traci Reeds
Stamped Alpha by Brenda Kempf
Beaded letter alpha by Kimberly Giarrusso

Fonts: Polaroid22, 28 days later, Prime minister of Canada

The next one was for last weeks Team GMD challenge, a scraplift of one team member. I decided to scraplift A Bit of Stardust, here is my interpretation of it:

background - 3 o'clock drop by Gina Miller
small papers - oilpainted by Gina Miller
stitches - stitches messy by Gina Miller
paint - l'artiste by Gina Miller
flowers - Hampton Kit by Gina Miller
pin - Build your own bulletin board add-on by Gina Miller
frame - Vintage frames 1 by Nancy Comelab
folded tear action by Atomic Cupcake
filmstrip - simple Expressions by Jen Wilson
arrow - say what? jot it down by Brenda Kempf

Font: Razor Keen

And last one for today is from last month, I have combined a few challenges for this layout, first I did is as an example for the Journaling Challenge I'm hosting at Digitals, then for the current Hodge Podge and for a Scraplift Challenge at All Things Visual
I scraplifted this layout by chud23:10 favorites

Journaling: your laughter, your ability to share, your charme, your love for nature, your curiosity, when you want to help, to snuggle up to you, your eyes, watch you "working", your kisses

papers and numbers - For Swaziland Charity Kit at Digitals
ribbon star - boys will be boys by Claudia Campbell
Date Dial by Karla Kellum (Lifesong Creations)
torn cardboard - All about Cardboard by Lise-Lotte Sunesen
Stickpin - Tribute by Monica Larsen
Measure Tape - In Vogue Collab Kit by Scrap Artist Designers
newspaper heart - Worn out Beauty by Monica Larsen
Boy brad - 100 % pure boy by Selana
Overlay - Scraptched Overlay by Atomic Cupcake

Fonts: 28 Days Later, Jandles, Dirty Finger
8.7.07 13:16

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Caroline (8.7.07 14:40)
Gorgeous layouts.

Cyndy / Website (8.7.07 16:31)
You have some nice layouts. I especially like the first one with the color border on the side.

Igelborste / Website (9.7.07 17:46)
I wish your son to get well soon!
The first image - no yellow in the scale? though I agree, it would overburden the picture.
Good job in general!

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