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I have some more layouts finished recently, that I wanted to show you:

For the current Ad-challenge at RAKScraps, I did this page, it was finished about 20 minutes ago:

Surfer Boy kit by Selana at Digitals
Wild Tear Action by Atomic Cupcake
Font: Prime Minister of Canada

The next one shows my son, trying to inflate a balloon

black paper - Black and White Dotted Freebie by Anita Spaberg
star - blog freebie by Sophia Davies
arrow, swirl - Oh Happy Day Mega Kit for May at Digitals
frame - Comic Frames by Nancy Comelab (recolored)
glass buttons - Vivacious by Carrie Stephens
glitter rainbow - Euphoria Kit from Songbird Avenue
Font: Baveuse 3D

And once again a page about my son, acting like a photo model when I had him try on the new and unfinished sweater I was knitting:

When I gave you the new knitted sweater without sleeves to try on, you immediately began to strike a pose like a photo model and insisted that I take some photos

Soul searching, Evening falls, Artistitches Nr. 4 all by Ztampf (Lie Fhung)
Fonts: Verona, Razor Keen

Would you guess it, another page with my son... Journaling: From time to time we went to physical educations for toddlers, you liked it very much and where almost not to stop. Most times, you didn't even want to take the time to sing a song with all other, you immediately ran to the balls and started to climb around. You didn't stand still for as short as a second and you where always sad when we had to go home again

Template - QotC goodie bag by Jen Caputo
papers - Over the rainbow by Michelle Godin
glitter cardboard - kinda fancy cardboard by Gina Miller
paint - l'artiste by Gina Miller
stitching - Artistitches No 1 by Lie Fhung
staples - soul searching by Lie Fhung
border - Sorta Shabby by Jessica Bolton
stamped Alpha by Brenda Kempf
button - Digitals May Mega Kit - Oh Happy Day
brads - 100% pure boy by Selana
Font: Razor Keen

That's the last one for today, Philipp helps his Grandma in the garden... It was for a Lifts with a Twist a while ago

Vivacious by Carrie Stephens
Vintage photo frames by Nancy Comelab
Paper Tears and Curls by Jen Caputo
Font: Dirty Finger
22.7.07 14:29

Icecream and Summer

I think Icecream and summer can not be separated, when it hot like the last days, I long for icecream all day long and my son is the same. If he could chose what to eat on a hot summer day, it would be icecream for breakfast, lunch and dinner lol

That's why I have so many pictures of him eating icecream and almost as many layouts with this subject...

Here is the most current one "I'll never get enough of it"

Surfer Boy by Selana at Digitals
Stamped Alpha by Brenda Kempf
Font: Razor Keen
18.7.07 19:59

I hate it when he doesn't feel well

My son has a cold again and my nerves are bare... He is just clinging to me all day long or doing things he isn't supposed to do when he is sick. Today I had to put him to bed to take a nap without lunch, I just couldn't stand his behavior any more... And then I feel like a bad mommy because he didn't eat anything and I was angry at him...

I hope it will be better this afternoon, I want to go outside with him, finally the wheather is fine her, we really had too much rain during the last week or two.

And of course I got some more layouts done and I still have to show some older ones... so here are my favorites I didn't show yet:

This one has been for an older Team GMD blog challenge, all colors of the rainbow should be used:

Title: you bring color to my life

grey paper - All about the papers - solids by Gina Miller
frames - blogfreebie by Gina Miller
star - Lil Boy Felties by Gina Miller
curled paper - QOTC goodie bag, paper curl by Jen Caputo
rainbow papers - bright cardstock by Selana
Mini Alpha by Traci Reeds
Stamped Alpha by Brenda Kempf
Beaded letter alpha by Kimberly Giarrusso

Fonts: Polaroid22, 28 days later, Prime minister of Canada

The next one was for last weeks Team GMD challenge, a scraplift of one team member. I decided to scraplift A Bit of Stardust, here is my interpretation of it:

background - 3 o'clock drop by Gina Miller
small papers - oilpainted by Gina Miller
stitches - stitches messy by Gina Miller
paint - l'artiste by Gina Miller
flowers - Hampton Kit by Gina Miller
pin - Build your own bulletin board add-on by Gina Miller
frame - Vintage frames 1 by Nancy Comelab
folded tear action by Atomic Cupcake
filmstrip - simple Expressions by Jen Wilson
arrow - say what? jot it down by Brenda Kempf

Font: Razor Keen

And last one for today is from last month, I have combined a few challenges for this layout, first I did is as an example for the Journaling Challenge I'm hosting at Digitals, then for the current Hodge Podge and for a Scraplift Challenge at All Things Visual
I scraplifted this layout by chud23:10 favorites

Journaling: your laughter, your ability to share, your charme, your love for nature, your curiosity, when you want to help, to snuggle up to you, your eyes, watch you "working", your kisses

papers and numbers - For Swaziland Charity Kit at Digitals
ribbon star - boys will be boys by Claudia Campbell
Date Dial by Karla Kellum (Lifesong Creations)
torn cardboard - All about Cardboard by Lise-Lotte Sunesen
Stickpin - Tribute by Monica Larsen
Measure Tape - In Vogue Collab Kit by Scrap Artist Designers
newspaper heart - Worn out Beauty by Monica Larsen
Boy brad - 100 % pure boy by Selana
Overlay - Scraptched Overlay by Atomic Cupcake

Fonts: 28 Days Later, Jandles, Dirty Finger
8.7.07 13:16

I did some shopping

Today, I did some shopping, I needed some more storage for my wool. Unfortunately, the boxes I already use were not available, but I bought another one that is slightly bigger.

And my last ebay purchase arrived today, some things to organize my craft supplies like papers, stamps and so on, I really need to get an overview over those things, perhaps I will then use them more.

And of course, I have some more layouts for you, I will show you always 3 or 4 of what I did during the last month.

For the current Digi Dare, I did this page, the dare was to show a secret or special word in our family and to use it as a title

Journaling: You love music more than everything else, and when there is no music, you start making some. No matter if you want to sing or drum, you announce it every time with "Mama, I do lala". And if you don't want to sing and have no instruments at hand, you pretend that a book is an akkordeon or build a flute with Lego. And bowls, glasses and pots make great drums.

blue paper - Oilpainted by Gina Miller
yellow paper - Bold Graph Papers by Gina Miller
Heart - Hampton Kit by Gina Miller
polaroid frame - Build your own bulletin board add-on by Gina Miller
Text on path template by Jen Caputo (QotC goodie bag)
Alpha - Oh the Water by Shawna Clingerman
Arrow - Vivacious by Carrie Stephens
Overlay by Dawn

Font: Comic

The next one was for a Lift with a Twist, I really like how it turned out:

Journaling: When you are concentrated, I can tell it by your curious tongue, that is sticking out of your lips

Papers - Sunrise by Carrie Stephens
Overlay - Pop over sample by Sophia Sarducci
Foil Frenzy Alpha by Sophia Sarducci
Photocorner - Vacation freebie by Sophia Sarducci
Buttoned flowers by Gina Miller
Heart - Tooti Frooti Add-On by Meredith Fenwick
Brad - Evening Falls Accents by Lie Fhung
brown Flower - Empty cave by Tonje Gram

Font: Century Gothic

And the last one for today was for a HodgePodge challenge, the layout should be about the body part we like best on us

Journaling: My eyes are the only part of me, I always liked

Boho State by Kimberly Giarrusso
Stamped Alpha by Brenda Kempf
Heart - Love this Boy by Carrie Stephens
Swirl - Vivacious by Carrie Stephens
white Alpha - Lil Sunshine by Dani Mogstad

Fonts: Freebooter Script, augie
28.6.07 16:40

where did this month go?

June is almost over and I don't know where it has gone...

I did some scapping and very little designing this month, I just didn't feel creative at all. But it seems like it is coming back, so be prepared to see something new from me soon.

In my private life, nothing special happened, but every day seems to fly by... The weather has been a bit weird, almost like in April, you never know if it will be raining or if the sun will shine, temperatures are between 18 and 30 degrees celsius, many thunderstorms etc... I hope it will be better soon.

And I have to celebrate a bit, I won a $ 5 GC for Gina Millers store in the Team GMD Blog Challenge last week, I'm so excited, it is the first time for me to win something in a contest

And here is the layout I did for this challenge:

Journaling: I love summer and all the activities during it, but most of all, I love swimming. I already was like this as a child and I'm still mad about water. Now I love to watch Philipp splashing and playing in the water and sometimes to splash as well. Fortunately, he has fun in the water as well

paper - All About the papers solids by Gina Miller
cardboard circle - painted cardboard by Gina Miller
Bent Frames by Ashley Olson
flowers - tissue flowers by Ashley Olson
Sun - lilsunshine by Dani Mogstad
Heart - Tooti Frooti Add-On by Meredith Fenwick
Waterdrop overlay - RAKScraps April Megakit, by Kim Jensen

Fonts: Courier New, Gregs other Hand

Of course I did some more scrapping, but I will just show you my 2 favorites now, it would be too much to show them all

For a Digi Dare, I did this page, the challenge was to show our dorky side and to use purple on the page

Title: When children are playing, they are healthy
black paper - All about the paper solids by Gina Miller
purple paper - 3oclock drop papers by Gina Miller
painted cardboard - kinda fancy cardboard by Gina Miller
green photo mats - all about the paper solids by Gina Miller
flower doodle - Jennifer Howland (recolored)
purple button - NSD freebie by Misty Cato
blue button - Meesha's Miscellany by Michelle Godin
button thread - Buttonobsession by Atomic Cupcake
blue swirl - NSD freebie by Amy Cheseman
alpha beads - beaded letter alpha by Kimberly Giarusso
alpha stamps - say what stamped alpha by Brenda Kempf

Fonts: Stamp act jumbled, jandles, augie, 1942 report

And another Digi Dare, an emotion should be scrapped mainly in one color that represents the emotion

Title: Mami, help me
Journaling: You were totally angry and upset when we dared to take us with us to the pool with about 30 degrees Celsius outside. It almost seemed you woudn't be quiet again, perhaps the water was a bit too chilly for such a small child like you.

papers - Punk love papers by Traci Reed
Paper Tear - Paper Tears and Curls by Jen Caputo
swirly label - fancy labels by Ashley Olson (recolored)
notepaper - Boho State by Kimberley Giarusso
stamped Alpha by Brenda Kempf
grunge overlay, frame - Evening falls elements by Lie Fhung

Fonts: To forgive, augie

That's all for today, I will show you some more soon
26.6.07 08:00

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