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time flies by

I really don't know where all those days go, I always plan to do some things every day and when the day is over, I find out that I did not do more than half of them... perhaps I need a few extra hours every day or some more organization, I don't know.

Blogging is one of the things that's on my to-do-list every day, but in reality I'm glad when I manage to post more than once in a week. I always find an excuse to do it "later" which in fact means I don't do it at all for that day.

But it's the same with all the scrapping, crafting and cleaning I plan to do, life just happens and I have to spend more time with my son, partner, on the phone or something else than I have planned... Sometimes I really wonder how other people get everything done in one day and still find the time for scrapping, crafting and things like that...

At least I got a few pages done during the last days, I hope you like them:

The first one is for the current Lifts with a Twist Challenge, it's about my son enjoying a really big icecream... it's his favorite treat as soon as winter is over

Juicy Fruit by Kim Hill
Painted Flowers by Lisa Whitney

Century Gothic, Cry Kitty, Prime Minister of Canada

The next one is for the new Hodge Podge Challenge, it should be about the girly things we have... first I thought, that I'm not girly at all, but then I found out, I have way too many things to dress up...

Journaling: I am NOT girly...
...okay, perhaps a bit

Goth or Girlie Kit by Selana
Kinda Fancy Cardboard by Gina Miller
Stitch essentials revamped by Gina Miller

To Forgive, Augie, Scriptina, Pessima
31.5.07 14:09

so nervous

Now that the last layout for QotC is up for voting, I just can sit and wait for the results... that will be a hard week until finalists are announced. In the beginning, I never thought, I have a chance to even win one of the prices, but now I start to hope. I put so much of my personality in this contest and I stretched my creativity quite a bit to create better layouts for the contest, so I think no matter what, I won a lot by just participating...

Talking about sit and wait, it's raining here finally, we had almost 30 degrees celsius here for the last days and I wanted it to be a bit less, but now it is about 15 degrees and raining, so not much to do during this long weekend, I hope it will be better tomorrow...

And here are a few layouts, I did during the last days:

A vacation in winter 1984 with my mom, my stepfather and my stepsister

Snowflake Charms - Charmalicious Winter by Atomic Cupcake
Background, Winter Sticker - Winterdreams by Atomic Cupcake
Ribbon - Winter Bliss by Angie Svoboda
Snowman - Winterblues by Element Gang (Pam Saville)
Glass Tab - Winterblues by Element Gang
Journal Tabs - Winter Tags by Chris Heeren
Swirls by me

Fonts: Comic Sans MS, Dirty Finger, Berylium

The next one is for the current Lifts with a Twist Challenge, I'm not sure if I really like it myself, but that's perhaps because it is so different from my usual scrapping style

neutral papers - lynnridge by Sarah Jones
Glitter cardboard - kind fancy cardboard by Gina Miller
blue paper - oilpaint papers by Gina Miller
Brush stroke - l'artiste by Gina Miller
heart - love this boy by Carrie Stephens
Button - Bottom Drawer by Cherrie Shields
star - little boy felties by Gina Miller
swirls - vivacious by Carry Stephens

Fonts: Cry kitty, augie, Courier new, earwig factory, stamp act jumbled

And the last one is for the current Hodge Podge Challenge, on the photo that's me, very pregnant, about 2 weeks before I gave birth to my son... the layout is about awaiting to hold him in my arms

Hampton Kit by Gina Miller

Dirty Finger, 28 days later
27.5.07 09:00

QotC week 4

And once again a week is over and the last layouts are up for voting... just one more week and the 10 finalists will be announced...

Before I show you the layout, some informations about it:
The photo is altered in PSCS2, the knife is a stock photo, the upside down cross is a brush by Mosh, the black makeup is painted in PSCS2... I wanted to state that first, I just don't want that anyone is thinking I would pose with a real knife near an animal!

This is not how I really am, but how my father is seeing me...
Like so many others, he just wants to see the black clothing and the dark makeup to have his opinion about me. To him, all gothics are potential serial killers and satanist, and we kill animals during black masses. If he would take the time to listen to me, he would find out that there is much more beneath the surface, but he is just seeing what he wants to see

If you want to vote for me, just click on the layout or the banner in the sidebar

Papers - Every Day Inspirations - Good Day by Meredith Fenwick
Elements - Tuscany by Debbie Pearson
Frayed template by Amanda Thorderson
Alphas - Hand-Stamped antique alpha and black stitched alpha by Meredith Fenwick

Font: 28 days later, Artistamp Medium, 1942 report, Got heroin?

My Charity is the Autismus Institut Langen, a german institution for research about autism and a special form called Asperger Syndrom
26.5.07 09:01

QotC week 3

Wow, where has this week gone? Week 3 layouts of the Queen of the crop contest are up for voting now, so if you like mine, please vote for me

Every evening, when we are reading a book before you have to go to sleep, I enjoy the closeness between us. Those moments are rare now that you really are no longer a baby but a more than active boy who seldom is sitting still for more than a minute. You don't even take the time to hug me, sometimes I can get a quick wet kiss but that's all. But then, after dinner, you grab a book, sit near me or on my lap and demand �Mama read book�. Then you are my little boy again, all sweet and longing for my touch. Those minutes are my favorite of each day, because they bring me my sweet little baby boy back. You get independent all too soon for my liking and I hope you will be my baby just for a few minutes every day for a while longer.

Background - So Lovely Papers by Meredith Fenwick
Heart - Love this boy by Carrie Stephens
Swirl - Vivacious by Carrie Stephens

Font: Primer Print
19.5.07 20:45

a week without Philipp

My week of vacation is almost over, Philipp spent the last 8 days at my parents and we both had a much needed vacation. It's always weird to not have my son near me, I really miss him and I can't wait to hold him in my arms again... on the other hand, I really enjoyed to do what I wanted to, went to bed late, slept until I awoke by myself... I even found the time to go to cinema and to shop for clothing, and the week went too fast for everything I planned to do...
Now I'm sad, that my liberty is over again and more than happy that I will see my son again tomorrow...

And here are the layouts I managed to do during the last week or so:

My son with a suitcast "like grandma has" to trail, layout made for the sketch challenge at RAKScraps

Layered Template by Robin Cabana
Buster Papers by Alison Folendore
Font: augie

For HodgePodge #4 I redid an old layout about my mom and her twin sister teaching me to swim...
First the old version:

Credits: Underwater World by Selana at Dreamyscraps
Font: Raindrop splash

and now the new layout:

Sound of Spring by Elaine Bittencourt at Digiscrapdesigner
Fonts: Cry Kitty, Augie

The next one has been my first try for week one of the QOTC Contest at Scrapbookgraphics, but I didn't like it enough to submit and did another one...
When you'd like to vote for me, just follow this link or click on the blinkie on the right...

Punk Love Papers by Tracy Reed
Fonts: 28 days later, Still time, black castle

My son almost asleep for the sketch challenge at Digitals

Sketch by Jen Maceyunas
Lullaby Kit by Selana
Lullaby Alpha Set by Selana

Philipp sound asleep in the hammock...
ournaling: You didn't want to nap in Grandmas garden, until she had the idea to bring out the hammock

All stitched up template by janet philips
Visions of... NSD Megakit at Digitals
Font: Augie

And last but not least, me being a bit moody and watching the rain outside... the photo is made by myself
Sometimes the wheather is the perfect match for my mood... as is the rain today

A Formal Affair by Selana
"Raindrops" made with Glass Action by Atomic Cupcake
Font: augie

That's all for today, now I'm off to do some more shopping
9.5.07 13:55

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