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Quickpage Designer wanted

I'm looking for a Quickpage Designer, i just don't find the time to make brag books and Quickpages with my kits...

So if you are willing to help, read the following Call and contact me:

25.7.07 02:16

QOTC week 2

Voting for week 2 of the Queen of the Crop contest has now begun, so I'd like to show you my layout.... perhaps you like it enough to vote for me

And a big THANK YOU to everybody who voted for me so far or will do so this week... But no matter if I will reach the final round or not, this contest was a great experiences so far and really taught me to scrap different from my normal style and to try something new for every layout...
12.5.07 15:17

Songbird Avenue

I just found out about Songbird Avenue and I'd like to spread the word about it. There you can purchase a great kit every month and all funds raised there will be donated to a charity.

As I read on their blog, they already made more then $1800, let's help them to make even more....
9.5.07 22:21

Will I be Queen of the Crop???

I don't know if I have a chance to be Queen of the Crop, but I'm playing anyway. The layouts for week 1 are now up for voting, so I can show you mine:

Tuscany Kit by Debbie Pearson
Paper Tear Action by Atomic Cupcake
Got Heroin?, Freebooter Script, Gregs other Hand

If you like the layout and want to vote for me, visit the shop at Scrapbookgraphics and vote for me. For your $2 you will receive a big grabbag full of goodies worth way more than $2.

When you want to help me promote, you can grab this blinkie and link to my layout, thanks in advance for your help

I case I should win, my donation will go to Autismus Institut Langen, a german institution that is researching about autism and a special form of it called Asperger Syndrom.
The son of a friend of mine has this disease and I want to help others that it can be recognized earlier. That would make life a whole lot better for those children, because Asperger is often diagnosed too late. Affected children are very intelligent, learn fast, talk early, but they are unable to tell what mood other people are in, they can't interpret mimics and gesture of others. That causes them to minimize social contacts, they seem to be very shy and unsecure when confronted with other people. You can never heal Autism, but when it is diagnosed, you can help them to deal with everyday life better.
5.5.07 12:01

NSD is here

NSD is almost here and there are some great offers at Digitals and at Dreamyscraps

At Dreamyscraps, you will find a huge gift with purchase of $15 or more May 3rd through May 5th and if you have a look at the DST newsletter you will even find a coupon to save 20% on my designs, so you will even get more for you $15.

Just click on the images above to enter the stores
4.5.07 20:56

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